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My name is Emily Langmade and I run the day to day activities here. I've always been a collector of objects, from a smooth piece of driftwood to stone that fits perfectly in a child’s hand. I’m drawn to items that have an intrinsic quality that ‘feel nice’ to hold. I think that’s why I love brass and cast metal pieces. I started making jewelry when I moved to New York a decade ago and began working in the industry. Many commercial jewelry manufacturers, I found, value the bottom line to a degree that stifles artistic freedoms and experimentation. I’ve always been a maker of things, and seeing this reality firsthand, along with other serious issues in the industry, caused my excitement to wane over time. I’m much more interested now in supporting independent brands, both in what I buy and who I create for.

The jewelry of Lock and Spoon is inspired by ancient pieces from the late Bronze Age Mediterranean, which was both incredibly simple and beautifully intricate; to the extent that some of the techniques used were not re-discovered until the latter part of the last century. I’m very drawn to certain materials; I love the way Brass ages over time and develops the most beautiful patina as it is handled; Silver is similar in this quality, and of course Gold, in addition to being one of the most malleable metals,  will never lose its brilliant luster. I want my pieces to have an intrinsic quality that exists in metalwork made with ancient techniques. It’s less refined, less polished and looks like it could have been buried underground for milenia.

We take these qualities and techniques and update them for the modern age, with one view to the future and another to remember antiquity.


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